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How to get a Helicopter on GTA Liberty City for PSP(gamesave 100%)
Description: Download the Helicopter GameSave: To put this save game into your PSP: -plug your PSP into the computer -go to the PSP folder, then click the folder SAVEDATA -extract the savegame from the zip file, then click on the folder you get -inside the folder, there should be another folder, copy and paste that folder into the SAVEDATA file NOW GO ON YOUR PSP AND START PLAYING!! This savegame file includes: -an invincible hunter helicopter (to fire rockets, press cricle - to fire gun, hold x and press square) -100%done the game, which means all guns have unlimited ammo -smoke grenade -unlimited ammo M60 -in each of your garage, you will find a bulletproof vehicle AND MANY MORE!!
Author: allinone
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